Can TypeScript replace JavaScript?

Thinking about using TypeScript in your next project? Is it worth the time to learn it and use it for your next project? I was wondering the same thing and have been trying it out in a few projects. Read on to hear my opinion on the language.


close-up-2178341_640 I started my career writing C++ and then later transitioned to C#. While I enjoyed some parts of C++ it was fairly tedious to code in. However I absolutely loved coding in C# with Visual Studio (except for the fact that I was stuck on the Windows OS). With the static types and the Visual Studio IDE I could get immediate feedback on what class I was currently dealing with and I could even read the documentation right there in the editor with IntelliSense, saving lots of valuable time. I also didn’t have to debug at run-time just to find many of the simpler mistakes like syntax errors or sending the wrong parameters to a function. Looking for a way into statically typed languages again I first tried TypeScript out a few years back with interest, but back then I still felt that the language was not yet mature enough for production use. Lately however there have been many improvements to the language and the ecosystem which has led me to creating a few small projects on my own and I will here share what I consider the pros and cons from the experimentation.