Visual Studio Code

I have been testing out the Visual Studio Code lately at work and at home lately in hopes to find my new go-to editor. Are you also looking for an editor that suits you? Or perhaps just a way to improve work performance? Visual Studio Code might just do the trick for you, read on to learn more.

The Perfect Editor

out Finding an editor that suits you is hard. There are many editors that allow extensive configuration these days, but setting them up and making them work across multiple devices is usually hard work. I have been trying my hand at Vim, Sublime Text, Visual Studio and a few other editors up until now and I have to say nothing beats Visual Studio in work performance. However since Visual Studio is only available for the Windows platform and I am currently using MacBooks, I have been struggling to find a similar experience again. Since the creators for Visual Studio are the same, Visual Studio Code has caught my eye and I have been trying it out again lately. I did the same a few years past only to then find out that it was very slow, hard to use and didn’t have much of a plugin eco-system. Using the editor again now I feel that it has matured I would like to share some my favourite features in the editor.

Fresh install

One of the things I really like about the editor is its support for many useful features right out of the box. After installing you instantly have access to debugging, version control, JavaScript IntelliSense and an extension manager. There is also a fuzzy file search function that easily allows you to open files in projects of any size. Another really handy features is the fact that all configuration files are stored in plain JSON and can easily be version controlled and shared within a team, organization and/or various devices you might own.


You can easily search for new extension via the extension marketplace web site. I recommend having a look at the most downloaded/popular ones to find something that suits you and helps with your own workflow. Some of the extensions I use myself every day are: These extensions can be easily installed by just copy pasting a command into Visual Studio Code, couldn’t be simpler.
I have come to really like Visual Studio Code and I try to use if for any project I am working on lately. You can easily find extension to help you with any language or project you might find yourself working on. I can relax knowing that learning to use the editor and its plugins will not be in vain since it can be used for pretty much anything. Why don’t you give it a try as well and see if it suits you?